H091577 KRIM CAMPAIGN SHIELD AWARD DOCUMENT. (Urkunde für Krimschild)

BACKGROUND: The bestowal of all awards during the Third Reich was regulated by the Statutes of Titles, Orders and Decorations which was originally revised on January 30TH 1934, with numerous additional revisions as new awards and decorations were introduced. The regulations prescribed the criteria for bestowal and the specific form of wearing the award. Although the Statutes of Titles, Orders and Decorations held the ultimate decision in all matters of awards the Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), was given control over the bestowal regulations of all military awards as long as they conformed to the appropriate statute. When bestowed the awards were usually accompanied by a "Vorläufiges Besitzzeugnis", (Preliminary Possession Certificate), followed by the official award presentation document. Depending on the specific award, bestowal authorization could be initiated by the commander of a divisional or smaller unit and the appropriate award information was entered into the recipients Soldbuch, (Pay Book), and his permanent Wehrstammbuch, (Military Service Book), which remained in the possession of the issuing recruitment authority. This example is for bestowal of a Krim Campaign shield. The Krim Campaign shield was instituted on July 25TH 1942, as the third official campaign shield for award to all Wehrmacht personnel who had been engaged in combat, were wounded or served three months in the peninsula campaign between September 21ST 1941 and July 21ST 1942. The shields were bestowed to eligible personnel by the area commander Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein and were to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniform. The color of the backing material was to match that of the uniform it was to be worn on. The shields were only issued in bronze although Hitler awarded Generalfeldmarschall von Manstein with a gilt version of the shield and another gilt shield was awarded to Romanian Marshal Ion Victor Antonescu.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A roughly 21cm x 15cm, mid-weight paper, "Besitzzeugnis", (Possession Certificate), document with black printed Gothic script and typed particulars. The printed and typed script indicates that "Gefreiten Gerhard Vollert", serving with, "1./Div.Aufkl.Abtlg.22", was awarded a Crimean Campaign shield on, "October 12th, 1942".

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