H073374 ZFK 43 SHARPSHOOTER'S SCOPE. (Zielfernrohr für Karabiner 43)

BACKGROUND: Although development of a Selbstladegewehr, (Semiautomatic rifle), had been undertaken by German armament factories as early as 1908, it wasn’t until the invasion of Russia in 1941, when the Germans came up against Russians armed with the quick firing Tokarev semiautomatic rifles that the Heeresfeldzeugmeisterei, (Army Ordnance Department), issued an urgent request for a comparable weapon. This led to the development of the Selbstladegewehr 41 in 1941 which, with modifications, evolved into the Gewehr 43 and eventually the Karabiner 43in 1943. The Gewehr 43 and Karabiner 43 were basically improved modification of the Selbstladegewehr 41, and were designed with an integral "T" shaped scope mounting base. This design allowed the rifle to be converted to a sharpshooters rifle with the ease of sliding on a preassembled, mass produced scope assembly. The four power magnification ZFK 43, also referred to as the Gw ZF4 sharpshooter’s scope was developed in late 1943 by the Voigtländer optical firm and was designed for use with the Gewehr 43 and Karabiner 43 semi-automatic rifles.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Four power magnification, blued, machine tooled steel construction scope. The centerpiece features a raised, milled, range elevation adjustment dial with variable range adjustments from 100 to 800 meters in increments of 100 meters. The centerpiece also has a raised windage adjustment dial that is internally set. The optics with the typical single vertical and dual horizontal side bar reticle pattern sights. The range elevation adjustment dial raises or lowers the reticle pattern as required. The scope is well marked with the impressed designation abbreviation, "ZF K 43", indicating, Zielfernrohr für Karabiner, (Telescopic sight for Carbine 43), the manufacturers code, "dow", indicating manufacture by Opticotechna G.m.b.H. of Prerau Czechoslovakia, a triangular lubricant code, signifying a lubricant that was effective to temperatures of +122 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and the serial number, "42267". Scope has the "strike through" on the serial number indicating it was re-issued again after WW2 to the Czech army.

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