BACKGROUND: The German army used a wide variety of optical enhancement items with the 6 x 30 power, (6 power magnification with a 30mm diameter objective lens), binoculars being the standard issue optics utilized by all branches of service. Although the 6 x 30 power binoculars were the standard issue, specialized personnel such as Artillery and anti-aircraft observers, Reconnaissance personnel, Searchlight personnel, etc., required stronger optics and assorted larger power binoculars were issued to these specialized personnel on a limited basis. In 1934 the German OKW, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces), requested a mobile, multi-purpose, large power binocular with a wide field of vision and the Emil Busch optical firm of Rathenow submitted a 10 x 80 power binocular which was found suitable and accepted for production. The 10 x 80 power binoculars were produced by assorted optical firms in three minor variants with the main difference being in the angle alignment of the prism and ocular lenses with a twenty degree angle pattern, a forty-five degree angle pattern and eighty degree angle pattern . The 10 x 80 power binoculars were designed to be mounted on a tripod. This example is the forty-five degree angle pattern which was the most common and although they were a multi-purpose optical device the angled construction made them very suitable for air observation. When issued the binoculars came equipped with assorted accessories and a carrying/storage case.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 57cm x 46cm x 30cm painted wooden box with carrying handles houses a set of 10x80 power flak artillery binoculars with accessories. The top of the case has a return address and mailing address from T/Sgt. Joseph Romano to his wife "Dorothy Romano’ of Brooklyn, New York.. The original Capture Certificates are included and dated for August 31, 1945. There is a crack to the lid of the wooden case. The glasses are marked "D.F. 10 X 80", the manufacturers three letter code, "dkl", indicating manufacture by Josef Schneider & Co. Optische Werke of Kreuznach and the serial number, "31913". The right hand side panel of the ocular end also has dual impressed, lubricant codes, indicating they had been refurbished with a new lubricant. The lubricant codes consist of a red "X", indicating an unknown lubricant and the later blue, "0" lubricant code indicating lubricant type 1416 which was effective in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Celsius. Included is a brow pad, yoke mount radial mount, aiming sight, and reticule light battery box with cable. Comes with 123cm or 48.5" long  painted tripod. Of Note: The case with glasses weighs approximately 35kg. Must be shipped as two separate items.

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