H050489 MG34/42 STARTER TAB. (Einführstuck für MG 34/42)

BACKGROUND: Among other restrictions, the Treaty of Versailles banned Germany from developing any type of general purpose machine gun. To circumvent this, German development of an all purpose machine gun was secretly being done in Switzerland in the early 1930's. By 1934 designer Louis Stange of the Rheinmetall armaments factory had made improvements to the secret machine gun developed in Switzerland and the MG34 was introduced as an all purpose selective fire weapon. In spite of the relatively high production cost, the MG34 was accepted by the HwaA, Heereswaffenamt, (Army Ordnance Office), a subsection of the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), that was responsible for testing, evaluation and eventual issue of all ordnance, and deliveries of the MG34 began in 1936. In 1937 due to the high cost and manufacturing time of the MG34 development began on another general purpose machine gun which utilized stamped and pressed components making it cheaper and quicker to produce. Further developments resulted in the introduction of the MG42 general purpose machine gun in late 1941. Of Note: With a rate of fire of roughly nine hundred rounds per minute, the MG34 was a formidable weapon with automatic and semi-automatic firing capabilities and production continued even after the cheaper and higher rate of fire, (1,500 rpm), MG42 was introduced. Both the MG34 and the MG42 utilized the standard German 7.92mm ammunition and came equipped with a wide variety of accessories including a starter tab that allowed the gunners to reload their weapon with out opening the feed tray. The starter tabs were utilized in conjunction with the assorted sized ammunition belts. Of Note: The earlier pattern starter tabs came with only one full shell loop as opposed to the three full shell loops found on the later production models.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Later pattern, standard starter tab for both the MG34 and the MG42. Blued, tooled, magnetic sheet metal construction tab with one partial shell loop, three full shell loops, three space plates and a roughly, 5", long tapered tab, all held together by small wire coils.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $39.00

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