H048988 "UNTEROFFIZIERVORSCHULE" CUFFTITLE. (Unteroffiziervorschule Ärmelstreiffen)

BACKGROUND: The German army went to great lengths to ensure its personnel were provided with the best in-depth training that was available at the time. The training took many forms and in an attempt to replicate the most realistic combat conditions possible the German army used live fire training exercises and found a one percent training fatality rate as acceptable, reasoning it was better to remove inadequate personnel in training as opposed to having them risk other lives in actual battle. Besides the live field training and exercises the Germans also established the Unteroffiziervorschule, (NCO Preparatory School), on April 1ST 1940. As the name implies the NCO preparatory schools were established to train future NCO’s with emphasis placed on leadership and personal initiative. On establishment of the NCO Preparatory Schools a specific, Unteroffiziervorschule, cufftitle was introduced which was intended for wear by both the cadre personnel and students of the NCO preparatory schools. The cadre personnel wore the uniform of the last unit they had served with before assignment to the schools with the addition of the, "UV", shoulder board/strap cyphers and the Unteroffiziervorschule cufftitle. The students wore a slightly modified style of uniform that included fold back French cuffs and the unique old Prussian style litzen collar tabs. The students were recruited from the 14 to 17 year old age group and the school programs ran for three years. While attending the courses the students retained their civilian status and were designated, Jungschützen, (Junior Riflemen).

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Green rayon construction cufftitle with machine woven, Gothic style script, "Unteroffiziervorschule", in bright, silver/aluminum, flat-wire threads. The cufftitle is bordered at both the top and bottom edges in vertically woven, bright, silver/aluminum flat-wire threads. The reverse of the cufftitle has loosely woven, vertical, silver/aluminum flat-wire threads and shows the script in a green rayon mirror image.

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