H045990 MP38/40 BARREL REST.

BACKGROUND: The development of a German sub-machine gun can be traced back to World War I when the requirements for a light weight quick firing close combat weapon which could be utilized by a single man was needed in the close quarter, static warfare of the trenches. The primary weapons of the time, the slow firing repeater rifle and the relatively immobile machine gun were found insufficient and the Spandau Rifle Testing Commission began research on developing a sub-machine gun in late 1915. In 1917 Hugo Schmeisser, then in the employ of the Theodor Bergmann Weapons factory in Suhl, developed the first German fully automatic sub-machine gun, designated the MP18/I, which was to be the forerunner of all the MPís to follow. The MP18/I was first saw active service in April 1918 being issued to storm-troopers and select NCOís. At the end of WWI the Treaty of Versailles forbid the German army from manufacturing or possessing any sub-machine guns and the remaining MP18/Iís were allocated to the German police. In spite of the ban on production the Bergmann factory continued to produce the MP18/I until 1920 at which time it granted a production licence to the Swiss Industrial Company in Neuhausen who continued to manufacture them through-out the 1920's. With the denouncement of the Treaty of Versailles and the beginning of conscription in March 1935 the MP18/Iís were distributed to army personnel, with a new stick magazine, and would be the main sub-machine gun until the development of the MP38 in August 1938. Further developments and improvements and the need for a cheaper mass produced weapon resulted in the introduction of the MP40 in April 1940. The fully automatic, blow back action, MP40 utilized a thirty-two cartridge stick magazine with the standard 9mm Parabellum cartridge and had a sustained rate of fire of three hundred fifty to four hundred rounds per minute.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Bakelite construction. Shows wear and use.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $295.00

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