H044190 ZZ35 MINE IGNITER (Inert/Deactivated).

BACKGROUND: The German army utilized a wide variety of assorted anti-personnel and anti-vehicles mines as well as assorted demolition charges. The mines and demolition charges were generally handled by Pioneers, (Combat Engineers), troops. As a result the Engineers were issued assorted specialized equipment designed to meet their needs as the spearhead troops tasked with destroying enemy obstacles and creating forward defensive positions for their own troops. Along with the engineer’s assault packs, long handle shovels, picks and axes and explosive tool kits the engineers were also equipped with a wide variety of explosive charges, mines and the appropriate detonators and igniters. The ZZ35 igniter was most commonly utilized with the Smi35 (Shrapnel Mine model 35),and the StoMi43, (Stock Mine model 43), anti-personnel mines. The ZZ35 igniter could be activated by direct pressure or in conjunction with a pull cord.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 70mm tall, two piece, cylindrical, brass construction ZZ35 mine igniter features a screw threaded bottom end and the top end features a vertically extended tip with a circular cut-out. The standard protective cap for the bottom and the horizontal activation rod to the top are both present. The body of the igniter has three evenly spaced small areas with vertical ribbing for ease of handling.

Please note, due to Postal Regulations. De-activated firearms and Inert Ordnance may not be shipped outside of Canada.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $50.00

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