H043789 P38 PISTOL HOLSTER. (Pistolentaschen P38)

BACKGROUND: In 1935 the Heereswaffenamt, (Army Ordnance Office), began looking for an alternative pistol to replace the P08 Luger which had been in service since 1908. Although the Luger was favored by the troops it was expensive to produced and was prone to allowing dirt into the toggle breech affecting its firing. In 1938 the Heereswaffenamt accepted the new P38 pistol, developed by the Carl Walther Waffenfabrik. The new P38 pistol didnít completely replace the Luger which was still being manufactured until 1943 when it was finally discontinued. The P38 originally came in a molded "hardshell" holster until a "softshell" holster was introduced in late 1943.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Second pattern, molded, blackened leather construction, P38 "softshell" holster. The holster features a fold over top flap with a horizontal stitched hinge to the reverse and a stitched on vertical leather closure strap to the obverse. The top flap closure strap attaches to a natural steel stud that is situated on a fold back panel to the left hand side of the holster body. The holster body also has a stitched on, spare magazine pocket to the right front. The reverse of the holster has two slightly diagonally angled stitched on leather belt loops. Rbnr marked. These particular examples came out of Russian stores just after the wall came down in 1989/90. Mint and nice!

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $238.00

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