H039864 GRADE ONE PANZER MARKSMEN'S LANYARD. (Schützenschnur für Panzertruppen)

BACKGROUND: Originally German army marksmen were distinguished by a series of sleeve stripes that were introduced on January 27TH 1928. These sleeve stripes remained in use until newly designed marksmen’s lanyards were introduced on June 29TH 1936. The first pattern lanyard shields were replaced with a slightly modified second pattern shield on January 9TH 1939. On October 17TH 1938 a new lanyard shield was designed specifically for qualified Panzer, (armored), troop marksmen. Prior to the introduction of the Panzer marksmen’s lanyard shield armored marksmen were awarded the standard Infantry marksmen’s lanyard shield. The lanyards were issued in twelve ascending grades with grade one being the lowest and grade twelve the highest. The grades of the Panzer marksmen’s lanyards were differentiated by a small silver colored shield for grades one through four with an additional artillery shell device for each successive grade, a slightly larger silver colored shield for grades five through eight with an additional artillery shell device for each successive grade and a gilt colored shield for grades nine through twelve with an additional artillery shell device for each successive grade. The lanyards were awarded to qualifying EM/NCO’s and were accompanied with an award certificate. The lanyards were worn suspended from under the right shoulder strap and attached to the second top front closure button of most uniforms. Bestowal of the marksmen’s lanyards was discontinued on February 14TH 1941 to be reinstituted at the successful conclusion of the war.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Grade one Panzer personnel’s marksmen’s lanyard consists of a heavy, twisted, interwoven silver/aluminum braid with extended buttoning loops to both top and bottom ends. The braid has the addition of an interwoven silver/aluminum wire knot to both the top and bottom edges of the shield device and another interwoven silver/aluminum wire knot at the top edge of the bottom buttoning loop. The braiding has a protective grey ribbed rayon strip of fabric neatly handstitched to reverse to prevent chafe wear on the uniform. The top of the lanyard has a zinc, stamped, alloy construction, vertically oval shield. The shield features an embossed, repeating zig-zag and bead pattern with a Wehrmacht style eagle with down swept wings positioned to the top center encompassing the cut-out, left forward profile of a "Panzer I". The shield is attached to an interwoven silver/aluminum braid rosette with a protective piece of black wool neatly handstitched to the reverse to prevent chafe wear to the uniform. As is typical with a zinc production examples it has pushed away most of its original silver wash and has reverted to the flat matte grey of the base alloy. Nice example. Scarce Panzer marksmen’s lanyard.

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