H039490 GW/K43 AMMO POUCH. (Patronentaschen GW/K43)

BACKGROUND: Although development of a Selbstladegewehr, (Semiautomatic rifle), had been undertaken by German armament factories as early as 1908, it wasn’t until the invasion of Russia in 1941, when the Germans came up against Russians armed with the quick firing Tokarev semiautomatic rifles that the Heeresfeldzeugmeisterei, (Army Ordnance Department), issued an urgent request for a comparable weapon. This led to the development of the Selbstladegewehr 41 in 1941 which, with modifications, evolved into the Gewehr 43 and eventually the Karabiner 43 in 1943. The Gewehr 43 and Karabiner 43 were basically improved modification of the Selbstladegewehr 41. The GW41 and later the GW/K43's were all semi-automatic gas operated weapons with muzzle or barrel vents. The compressed combustion gasses activated the internal components when the weapons were fired. Individuals issued with the GW/K43 were also equipped with a single, specially designed, dual compartment, ammunition pouch which held two ten round magazines of 7.92mm ammunition and was designed to be worn on the individuals load carrying waist belt. Originally the GW/K43 ammo pouches were constructed in blackened leather which was soon altered to ersatz fabrics in order to conserve leather.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blackened leather construction, two compartment GW/K43 ammo pouch with steel fittings. Each compartment has a fold over top lid with rivetted seams and a vertical, leather closure strap with a single stud eyelet machine stitched to the obverse. The closure straps attach to corresponding, machine stitched, leather reinforced, steel studs positioned on the front body of each compartment. The front of each compartment also has a machine stitched on, horizontal leather retaining loop. The reverse of the pouch has two machine stitched on, vertical, leather belt loops and a central, rivetted on, leather reinforced steel "D" ring. Dated for 1944. The pouch is in overall very good condition and the leather is still quite supple.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $179.00

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