H038784 M1916 EGG GRENADE CASE. (Patronenkasten) 

Roughly 23 1/4" x 12 1/2" x 6", unique construction natural wood case. Obverse and reverse side panels extend 1 3/4" beyond case body and have vertical reinforcement blocks of wood inset in corners and a horizontal slat carrying handles to each end. Reverse of top lid with two metal hinges and obverse with two metal pressure closure clips. Top lid with two lateral wooden reinforcement slats. Case has a narrow red stripe painted around all sides just below top and reverse has black stenciled script, "Leer zurück an Kistenaufarbeitungsstelle in der Heimat", which translates as, "(when) empty send back to box-recycling-station in the homeland", by order Case reconditioning department in the Homeland. Interior of top lid inkstamped, "M.W.D.". Interesting case.

New info. The red stripe is a possibly a warning that the 50 egg grenades inside are being shipped with fusses intact. Earlier crates for this grenade were smaller and shipped without being armed, you had to open the grenades and add the fuse before using them. The shape of the crosses on the front side are of the 1918 design. (Thanks Bill)

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $195.00

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