H037574 ISSUE FAT CONTAINER. (Fettbüsche)

BACKGROUND: The fat container was introduced on June 1ST 1938 and was issued to all personnel as part of their basic personal equipment and was normally carried in the M31 breadbag. Regulations authorized each soldier a daily fat ration of roughly 72 grams, (2.6 ounces), of some type of fat, such as rendered animal fats, lard, butter, margarine or schmalz, a diced onion and melted fat mixture, which was either spread on the bread ration or used to assist in cooking. The container would hold roughly 220 grams, (8 ounces), of one of the above fats or approximately three days worth of the authorized ration. Following the old adage that, an army runs on its stomach, the fat container must be considered one of the most important of all personal equipment items. Of Note: Although regulations dictated the daily quantity of rations issued to each soldier it became more and more difficult to meet the requirements as the war continued and any fat became a valuable commodity.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Circular, two piece, molded "burnt" orange bakelite construction container with a roughly, 10.8cm diameter top and a 10.1cm diameter bottom. The container consist of a screw off top lid and a "bowl" type bottom base. Both the top and bottom sections have evenly spaced, vertically embossed ridges around the outer edges for ease of handling. The container is well marked with the embossed, stylized Deutsche Industrie Norm, (German Industry Standard), logo, to the bottom of the base section and the interior of the screw off lid, both within circular recesses. Of Note: The post-war manufactured versions differed from the WWII versions in that the post-war examples required numerous turns to remove the top lid while the WWII versions only require a single turn to remove the top lid. This example only requires a single turn to remove the top lid.

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