H037479 HONOR ROLL CLASP. (Ehrenblatt-Spange des Heeres)

BACKGROUND: The "Ehrenblatt der deutschen Heeres", (Honor Roll of the German Army) was established in July 1941. These lists were created as a record of honor to register the names and heroic actions of personnel who performed extraordinary service in combat. Although considered a great honor to be registered on these lists there was no insignia awarded to the personnel as a visible sign that they were listed on the honor roll. This was remedied by the army on January 30TH 1944 by creation of the "Ehrenblatt-Spange des Heeres", (Honor Roll Clasp of the Army). The clasp was designed to recognize heroic acts by those who already held the Iron Cross 1ST and 2ND classes, but for which the German Cross in Gold or the Knight's Cross would not be suitable. The Honor Roll Clasps were worn mounted on an Iron Cross 2ND class ribbon and worn inserted through the second top front closure button hole of the field-blouse and service tunic. It is estimated that the army awarded just over 4,500 clasp in total before war end.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 25mm diameter, hollow backed, die struck, alloy construction award with a bright, fire gilted finish with polished high lights. The award is in the form of an embossed, circular oak-leaf wreath encompassing a cut-out swastika. The hollow reverse is a mirror image of the obverse and all four, small, soldered attachment prongs are intact. Original ribbon is complete. The clasp comes housed in its original wood and cardboard construction case with a simulated, black grained leather covering. The case has a friction fit, fold back top lid with two magnetic, staggered bar hinges to the reverse. The interior of the case is fully lined in flocking. The lining to the interior bottom of the case is mounted on a removable cardboard panel with cut-out slots to each end to accept the awards ribbon. Nice!

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