H036589 ROMANIAN CRUSADE AGAINST COMMUNISM MEDAL. (Rumäne Medaille für Kampf Gegen den Kommunismus)

BACKGROUND: On June 28TH 1940 the Russians overtook the Romanian territories of Bessarabia and northern Bukovina that had been ceded to her from Russia and Austria respectively, at the end of the first World War. This resulted, with German pressure, in the abdication of Romania’s King Carol II on September 6TH 1940 and the occupation of the rest of the country by German troops on October 7TH. The Germans soon appointed Field Marshall Ion Antonescu as Prime Minister with Carol’s son, King Michael I, as a puppet figurehead. On November 23RD 1940 the Romanians signed the Tripartite Pact and officially became an Axis power. With the German invasion of Russia on June 22ND 1941 the Romanians joined in whole-heartedly and on April 1ST 1942 the Romanians instituted the Crusade against Communism medal, to commemorate their participation in the campaign. The award could also be enhanced with the addition of one of fourteen named bars that were to be suspended from the ribbon for front line service at specific locations. German nationals that were eligible for Foreign awards were required to obtain the express approval of Hitler through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the only exception being that Foreign War decorations did not require Hitler’s approval, and this award was liberally bestowed to both Romanian and German troops. Of Note: The Romanian army began the war with a standing army of roughly 700,000 personnel and by the time they capitulated on August 23RD 1944 they had suffered approximately 615,000 casualties.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Die struck bronze construction award. The obverse of the award features an embossed female profile encompassed by embossed script, "Romania Recunoscatoare" (Romania Reunited). The obverse of the award also has the embossed designer's or manufacturer's name, "P. Grant". The reverse of the award features an embossed hand holding a sword superimposed upon a Greek style cross with the embossed date, "1941" and script, "Cruciada Impotriva Comunismului" (Crusade against Communism). The medal ring and loop are both intact. The award comes complete with a roughly 8cm long, 35mm wide, horizontally ribbed ribbon with a red base field with fine vertical silver stripes near each outside edge and central horizontally laid, vertically alternating stripes in the Romanian national colors of blue, yellow and red. The reverse of the ribbon still has its original metal hook and eye attachment device intact.

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