BACKGROUND: Officer’s dress aiguillettes can be traced back as far as 1730 when a type of aiguillette was introduced for officer’s in the Prussian army as a purely decorative ornamental item. Aiguillettes, in various forms, continued to be worn with certain forms of dress, primarily for ceremonial occasions, through-out the years and on July 22ND 1927 the Weimar era Reichswehr introduced a new pattern aiguillette that was worn until the official Third Reich era aiguillette was introduced along with the new M35 Waffenrock, (Dress Tunic), on June 29TH 1935. The Third Reich era aiguillette was very similar to the Reichswehr era aiguillette but had the addition of two, ornamental ferrules. The aiguillettes were in silver for company and field grade officer’s and in gilt for Generals ranks. The aiguillettes were worn suspended from the right shoulder and the right breast of the tunic and were worn with the parade dress when Hitler was present or on parades commemorating his birthday, when formal dress was ordered and at certain ceremonies in either formal or informal dress. Of Note: With the introduction of the new Third Reich era officer’s dress aiguillettes on June 29TH 1935 the earlier Reichswehr officer’s dress aiguillettes and the adjutant’s aiguillette were both abolished.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Reichswehr pattern, (Circa July 1927-June 1935), officer’s dress aiguillette consists of a section of dual, interwoven, bright, silver/aluminum braids, single, looped, braid and an additional single, looped, braid all attached to a small, central, button holed, silver/aluminum rectangular panel.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $125.00

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