H033988 NARVIK CAMPAIGN SHIELD. (Narvikschild)

BACKGROUND: The Narvik Campaign shield was the first of a series of campaign shields to be introduced and was established by Adolf Hitler on August 19TH 1940 for award to all Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), personnel who participated in the battle of Narvik Norway between April 9TH and June 9TH 1940. Of Note: Although the shield was officially introduced on August 19TH 1940 it wasn’t until September 12TH 1940 that the OKM, Oberkommando des Marine, (Navy High Command), published the issuing order, followed by the Luftwaffe, (Air-Force), the next day. The Kriegsmarine version of the shield was gilt washed while those awarded to Heer, (Army), and Luftwaffe personnel were silver washed. The shields were bestowed by Generalleutnant Eduard Dietl the commander of Army Group Narvik and it is alleged that a total of only 8,577 shields were awarded to all branches of service personnel. The shields were to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniform. The color of the backing material was to match that of the uniform it was to be worn on.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Die stamped, alloy/zic construction, shield featuring an embossed, stylized, national eagle with down-swept wings, clutching a wreathed, static swastika in its talons, to the top center, positioned above the embossed script, "Narvik 1940", an edelweiss flower and a crossed propeller and anchor. The edelweiss, propeller and anchor represent the Heer Gebirgsjäger, (Army Mountain troops), the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe respectively, that participated in the victory at Narvik. Three of the original four reverse prongs intact. Late-war Deumer Type 2 production.

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