H030690 TROPICAL MOUNTAIN TROOPS/MEDICAL CANTEEN & CUP. (Tropen Feldflasche und Trinkbecher)

BACKGROUND: Introduced in 1931 the standard issue M31 canteen was based on the WWI M1893 and M1907 canteens with minor modifications. Originally the M31 canteens were manufactured in aluminum but later as the aluminum was required for other more critically essential items the canteens began to be manufactured in steel. In late 1940 with the impending German entrance into the North African campaign the standard brown felt cover and leather retaining straps and carrying harness of the M31 canteen were altered to an olive drab felt cover and web straps for longer wear in the tropical climate. Another variant, developed in late 1941, was the replacement of the felt covers with a plastic impregnated wood covering for better durability. When issued the canteens came with an integral carrying straps and harness and regulations prescribed the assorted manners in which the canteen was to be carried with the most common form being to secure it to the bread bag suspended from the load carrying waist belt although other methods were also utilized. With potable fluids being such an essential item for an individuals well-being the canteen must be considered as a very important piece of personal kit. Of Note: The M31 canteens with tropical olive drab felt cover and web strap configuration were eventually issued to personnel on the continent as leather stocks were depleted during the war.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tropical issue. Slightly larger size than the normal M31. Complete cover, straps and cup. Maker marked with a 1942 date. Nice clean canteen.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $179.00

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