H024789 M31 QUARTER SHELTER/PONCHO. (Zeltbahn M31)

BACKGROUND: The development of camouflage clothing and equipment had began in the German army in WWI, and continued through the Weimar, Reichswehr, (National Defence Force, Circa 1919-1933), era. The geometric, splinter pattern camouflage was developed in the early 1930's and was first adopted for use with the M31 Zeltbahn, (Quarter shelter/poncho), in late 1931. Further developments in 1943 modified the original splinter pattern by softly blurring the distinct geometric pattern and slightly altering the coloration. This modified camouflage pattern was designated the Tan/water camouflage pattern and was once again altered in 1944 by an even stronger blurring of the distinct geometric pattern. Further camouflage pattern development continued through-out the war and additional subtly different patterns were created with the intent to equip all personnel with the same camouflage pattern but this was never achieved. The M31 Zeltbahn was a standard issue item for all EM/NCO personnel and besides itís basic use as a protective rain poncho it came accompanied with tenting accessories that consisted of the M1892 tent rope, the three piece M1901 breakdown tent pole, and two M1929 tent pegs enabling the individual to utilize his Quarter shelter with others to form assorted sized tents.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Standard issue, water resistant, cotton drill construction, quarter shelter/poncho with the printed, geometric, splinter camouflage pattern in shades of tans, brown and green. The camouflage pattern has a slightly lighter, (spring), coloration to one side, and a slightly darker, (autumn), coloration to the other side. Most of the original buttons are present. Nice clean example & Rbnr# marked.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $298.00

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