H024390 COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL OF 1ST OCTOBER 1938 RIBBON BAR WITH PRAGUE CASTLE CYPHER. (Kleine Ordensschnalle mit Spange Prager Burg Ziffer)

BACKGROUND: The wear of Awards, Medal Bars and Ribbon Bars were addressed in regulations of April 28TH 1937 and followed established directives that had been previously laid down. When an award was instituted the introductory orders would prescribe the proper form of wear with most of the awards being permitted to be grouped together on a medal or ribbon bar. The medal bars were intended for wear on the walking-out dress and formal uniforms, while the ribbon bars were intended for all other forms of dress. Strict regulations listed the required order in which ribbons awards were authorized to be worn on the ribbon bar. The Commemorative Medal of 1ST October 1938 was the second of the "Anschluss" (Union/Annexation), medal series and was introduced on October 18TH 1938, for award to civilians and military personnel who participated in the "return" of the Sudetenland to Germany. The Sudetenland, with over three million German inhabitants, was a section of Bohemia that had been awarded to Czechoslovakia in 1919 by the treaty of Saint Germain en Laye signed between Austria and the allies at the end of WWI. On May 1ST 1939 Hitler extended award of the 1ST October 1938 medal to personnel who had participated in the creation of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Personnel who participated in the creation of the Protectorate, and who had already been awarded the 1ST October 1938 medal were awarded the Prague Castle bar which was to be attached to the ribbon of their 1ST October 1938 medal.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly 2cm x 2.5cm, single place ribbon bar with a horizontally ribbed, Commemorative Medal of 1ST October 1938 ribbon with a gilt washed, stamped alloy Prague Castle bar cypher. Complete with original pin-back device.

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