H023190 SPANISH CIVIL WAR CAMPAIGN MEDAL. (Spanischen Freiheitskampf Feldzug Medaille)

BACKGROUND: With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936 the Germans supported the Nationalist Falangist Generalissimo Francisco Franco against the communist allied Republican Loyalist party. The German support consisted of assorted field equipment and weapons, the Imker-Gruppe, (Beekeeper Group), of ground personnel which included the Drohne-Gruppe, (Drone Group), of Panzer units and a group of Luftwaffe volunteers designated as the Condor Legion. The participation in this conflict enabled the Germans to test their fledgling armed forces and by rotating personnel gave them a core of troops with actual combat experience. In a expression of appreciation Generalissimo Franco permitted four Spanish awards to be bestowed on German volunteers. The awards consisted of the Spanish Military Medal, the War Cross, the Red Military Service Cross and the Campaign Medal. The first three awards were bestowed on select German volunteers while the Campaign Medal was bestowed on all the Germans who participated in the conflict. Of Note: German nationals that were eligible for Foreign awards were required to obtain the express approval of Adolf Hitler through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the only exception being that Foreign War decorations, including the four Spanish Civil War awards, which did not require Hitlerís approval.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Die struck alloy construction award with black and gilt washed finishes. The obverse of the award features an embossed, gilt washed, outer edge with laurel leaves to the right and oak-leaves to the left encompassing a blackened, recessed, center with an embossed lion, representing the Nationalists, slaying a griffin, with a hammer and sickle on its wing, representing the Loyalists, superimposed over four, gilt washed, broad swords. The obverse also has an embossed "sun" in the background and the embossed date, "17 Julio 1936", which was the date the conflict started. The reverse features an embossed, stylized, gilt washed, eagle clutching a black washed, Spanish coat-of-arms beside the Spanish fascist Falangist emblem of five arrows tied together with a rope and a Spanish helmet. The reverse also has embossed script, "Arriba Espana", and additional stylized script. The ribbon suspension ring and medal loop are both intact and comes complete with its original ribbon with the Spanish national colors of red, yellow and red and fine black edged stripes. Complete with pin-back device. Post 1945 awarded/issued example.

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