BACKGROUND: The Cholm Campaign Shield was the second of theofficially sanctioned campaign shield series and was instituted by Adolf Hitler on July 1ST 1942, for award to all military and police personnel who participated in the defence of the Cholm "fortress" from January 21ST to May 5TH 1942. Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel who performed resupply and evacuation services were also eligible for award of the shield. Cholm was a small village in the north west Kalinin region of Russia where approximately 5,500 German troops, mostly from the 281ST Security Division, were encircled by the Russians and were able to hold out until relieved on May 5TH 1942. The shields were bestowed to qualifying personnel by Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and Oak-leaves winner, Generalmajor Theodor Schere the commander of the 281ST Security Division and the Cholm "fortress". The first award of the shields were bestowed on December 31ST 1942 and bestowal ceased as of April 1ST 1943. Only around 5,500 personnel qualified for award of the shield, making it the one of the most scarce of the campaign shield series of awards. The shields were to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniform with the color of the backing material to match that of the uniform it was to be worn on.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Absolutely fantastic, untouched original Cholm shield grouping to a member of Gebirgsjäger 6. Geb. Jäg. Ers. Rgt. 139. Grouping includes -Original "Long M" Cholm Shield with award document. -Iron Cross 2nd Class with award document. -Cased (LDO) Silver Wound Badge with award document. -Russian Front Medal with award document. -Original Dog Tag. "6 Geb.Jag.Ers Rgt 139" -A small hunting badge & fire service badge (Russian?). Rare and wonderful untouched grouping!

GRADE ****1/4 P                            RICE $

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