H014286 10 X 80 POWER FLAK ARTILLERY BINOCULARS. (Doppelfernrohr )

BACKGROUND: The German army used a wide variety of optical enhancement items with the 6 x 30 power, (6 power magnification with a 30mm diameter objective lens), binoculars being the standard issue optics utilized by all branches of service. Although the 6 x 30 power binoculars were the standard issue, specialized personnel such as Artillery and anti-aircraft observers, Reconnaissance personnel, Searchlight personnel, etc., required stronger optics and assorted larger power binoculars were issued to these specialized personnel on a limited basis. In 1934 the German OKW, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces), requested a mobile, multi-purpose, large power binocular with a wide field of vision and the Emil Busch optical firm of Rathenow submitted a 10 x 80 power binocular which was found suitable and accepted for production. The 10 x 80 power binoculars were produced by assorted optical firms in three minor variants with the main difference being in the angle alignment of the prism and ocular lenses with a twenty degree angle pattern, a forty-five degree angle pattern and eighty degree angle pattern . The 10 x 80 power binoculars were designed to be mounted on a tripod. This example is the forty-five degree angle pattern which was the most common and although they were a multi-purpose optical device the angled construction made them very suitable for air observation. When issued the binoculars came equipped with assorted accessories and a carrying/storage case.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 11cm tall, 18cm wide, 30cm long, field grey painted, tooled alloy and steel construction binoculars feature dual, roughly, 90mm diameter objective end lenses and two forty-five degree upward diagonally angled sheet metal and alloy eye sockets to the ocular end which are fully intact and the focus adjustment still functions. Included are a pair of 13.5cm long sun shields. The bottom edge of the right eye socket has a small, raised dovetailed panel with an inset clear glass port designed to secure an external light source for night vision. The top edge of the left side ocular end panel has a small, screwed on panel with width adjustment numerals running from, "60", to, "70" degrees. The top edge of the right side ocular end panel has a raised, width adjustment dial that still functions. When the width adjustment dial is turned the central joining bracket expands or contracts altering the width of the eye sockets. The right hand side panel of the ocular end is well marked with the impressed designation, "D.F. 10 X 80", the manufacturers three letter code, cxn", indicating manufacture by Emil Busch AG, Optische Industrie, Rathenow along with a pair of number. The right hand side panel of the ocular end also has dual impressed, lubricant codes, indicating they had been refurbished with a new lubricant. The lubricant codes consist of a red "X", indicating an unknown lubricant and a triangle. Not the best condition, good for parts.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $410.00

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