H011679 (7 1/2) POWER "VISAR" SHARPSHOOTER'S SCOPE. (Scharfschützengewehr -Zielfernrohr)

BACKGROUND: The importance of telescopically enhanced rifles became apparent during WWI, and the urgent need to supply front line troops with this type of weapon forced the German military to request the public to donate sporting rifles equipped with telescopic sights for front line usage, with poor results. In spite of the experience in WWI, and due to political in-fighting telescopic sights weren’t assigned a high priority in the Reichswehr era. In 1938 the Wehrmacht Ordnance office requested a four magnification telescopic sight be developed for sharpshooters, but personnel in the OKH, opted to produce a 1.5 magnification telescopic sight, which was soon found to be insufficient for its required usage. This resulted in the requisitioning of commercially produced sights from sporting rifles to be pressed into military service with the K98.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Commercially produced, seven and one/half power, blued, tooled steel, scope with black painted tombac fittings and a milled range elevation adjustment dial. Optics are fairly clear. Elevation adjustment dial raises or lowers the reticle sights as required. Scope well marked with impressed script including makers name, "Emil Busch A.-G. Rathenow", designation and power, "Visar 7 1/2x". Photographic examples of this sight can be seen in Peter R. Senich’s book, "The German Sniper 1914-1945", pages 46 and 69. Of Note: The need for a four power scope was finally realized in 1943 with the development of the Gw ZF4 scope.

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