H011089 MP38/40 AMMO POUCH. (MP38 u.40 Patronentaschen)

BACKGROUND: The development of a German sub-machine gun can be traced back to World War I when the requirements for a light weight quick firing close combat weapon which could be utilized by a single man was needed in the close quarter, static warfare of the trenches. The primary weapons of the time, the slow firing repeater rifle and the relatively immobile machine gun were found insufficient and the Spandau Rifle Testing Commission began research on developing a sub-machine gun in late 1915. In 1917 Hugo Schmeisser, then in the employ of the Theodor Bergmann Weapons factory in Suhl, developed the first German fully automatic sub-machine gun, designated the MP18/I, which was to be the forerunner of all the MPís to follow. In August 1938 the German army adopted the newly developed MP38. Further developments and improvements and the need for a cheaper mass produced weapon resulted in the introduction of the MP40 in April 1940. Individuals equipped with the MP38/40 were issued a pair of specially designed ammo pouches which each held three thirty-two round stick ammunition magazines. The pouches were issued in pairs with the left hand side pouch having the addition of a small pocket stitched to the left side for the speed loader. The MP38/40 ammo pouches underwent a single modification with the early pattern pouches having a "D" ring on the reverse attached directly to the pouch while the later pattern pouches had the "D" ring on the reverse attached by a horizontally extended leather tab.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Left hand side, woven, olive drab canvas construction, MP38/40 ammo pouch with brown leather and steel fittings. The pouch has three, vertical, magazine pockets with fold over top closures flaps. All three of the fold over top flaps have a horizontal, stitched, seam to the reverse and a stitched on, vertical, brown leather closure strap to the obverse. The closure straps attach to leather reinforced, steel studs on the front of the pouch body with corresponding, stitched on, horizontal leather retaining loops. The pouch has an additional small pocket stitched to left side for the speed loader. The side pocket has a fold over top flap with a single, stitched eyelet and a corresponding, leather reinforced, steel stud to the body. The reverse of the pouch has two stitched on, diagonally angled, leather belt loops and a leather reinforced steel "D" ring. The reverse of the pouch is well marked with a faint, black inkstamped waffen-amt, the designation, "Mp 38 u 40". Maker marked "gmn" and dated for 1942. Nice!

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $1,190.00

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