H010089 MEDICAL STABSARZT'S COLLAR TABS & SHOULDER BOARDS. (Kragenpatten und Schulterstücke)

BACKGROUND: Although military ranks and rank designations can be traced back to the mercenary armies of the 17TH century it wasn’t until the creation of standing armies in the early 18TH century that distinguishing insignia of rank began to be developed. The use of collar ornamentation on military uniforms was utilized by numerous assorted nations with the main function being the indication of the wearers rank and/or branch of service. During the Third Reich era collar tabs for company and field grade Officers ranks underwent two minor alterations with the main modification being in the material and the form of construction utilized. The company and field grade Officers style collar tabs were worn in matching pairs by the ranks of Leutnant to Oberst inclusively. Originally the shoulder straps were functional items designed to secure the saber and ammunition shoulder cross straps and the larger, metal trimmed epaulettes were a throw back to the protective shoulder pieces worn on medieval armor. By 1800 the epaulettes had lost their protective function and were retained as a badge of rank. In 1866 a new system of rank distinguishing Officer’s shoulder boards were introduced to replace the previously worn epaulettes although the epaulettes were retained for the parade and dress uniforms. Although the officer’s shoulder boards underwent numerous minor modifications they remained basically the same right up until the end of WWII. The different branches of service within the German army were allocated a particular identifying waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Color), which was generally displayed on the collar tabs and as the base on the shoulder boards with cornflower blue being chosen for Sanitäts, (Medical), personnel. Besides the basic waffenfarbe, reserve personnel were further distinguished by the addition of a grey nebenfarbe, (Secondary color), on the bottom of their shoulder boards. Of Note: The medical rank of Stabarzt is the equivalent to the standard rank of Hauptmann.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The collar tabs feature hand embroidered litzen in bright, silver/aluminum wire threads with the regulation "V" patterned, silver/aluminum "branch of service stripes", mounted on dark cornflower blue wool bases. The cornflower blue wool bases show through as the center stripe of the litzen. The collar tabs are both mounted on tan buckram backings. The sew on shoulder boards feature bright silver/aluminum Russian braid with two stamped alloy rank pips and stamped alloy, caduceus, (Serpent intertwined on a staff), medical cypher, to each, mounted on dark cornflower blue wool waffenfarbe bases with light grey wool nebenfarbe underlays. Uniform removed.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $125.00

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