H009176 GENERAL'S VEHICLE PENNANT. (Fahrzeug Wimpel für Offizier)

BACKGROUND: Following an age old military tradition the German armed forces of the Third Reich utilized a wide variety of identifying flags and pennants to distinguish Officers and Headquarters and included specific flags and pennants for use by Officers who command units as varied in size as the Army High Command to Battalion sized units. Generally the flags and pennants were designed utilizing the basic unit size tactical map symbols and the appropriate waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Color). On November 10TH 1934 the OKH, Oberkommnado des Heeres, (Army High Command), introduced the national eagle vehicle pennants for use by all Officers and Officials with officer rank/position as an identifying emblem of rank. The vehicle pennant was to be flown from the right front fender of a military or private vehicle when the Officer was present. Additional regulations on August 13TH 1936 prescribed the addition of white border trim to the pennants. Further regulations of September 8TH 1938 also dictated that the vehicle flying the pennant be of German manufacture and in good condition. Most commonly the pennants were stiffened with an internal wire frame or an exterior clear celluloid cover. The non-stiffened pennants are usually associated with use on a private vehicle as opposed to a military vehicle.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dual sided, multi-piece, vertically ribbed, woven grey cotton/rayon blend construction, triangular, Generals vehicle service pennant. Roughly 36cm long, 24cm tall pennant features a grey background field with machine embroidered national eagle in golden yellow threads with brown thread accents to the center of each side. Eagle’s wingspan is roughly 18cm from wing tip to wing tip. Top and bottom edges of the pennant are all trimmed in 25mm wide, ribbed gilt tress with a repeating, interwoven, canted swastika pattern. The two sections have been hand stitched together with the bottom stitching now starting to pull loose. Wire frame has been removed. Scarce! (Ex Philippe Gillain Collection)

GRADE *** 1/2                                                 PRICE $1,488.00 

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