H004888 NCO/OFFICER'S M44 BREAST EAGLE. (Hoheitsabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: The German army originally adopted a slightly modified version of the NSDAP’s national eagle by order on February 17TH 1934, with instructions to have it applied to all steel helmets, visor caps, and tunics by May 1ST 1934. Later amendments to the introductory order stipulated that the national eagle was also to be worn on all field caps, the sports uniform and the black panzer wrap. The eagle came in three distinct designs with two having slightly different out-stretched wings and the third with down-swept wings. Generally officer’s ranks utilized hand or machine embroidered breast eagles while EM/NCO’s ranks utilized machine embroidered or woven breast eagles. The standard issue EM/NCO’s M36 breast eagles were in white threads and were to be abolished in 1939 to be replaced with a less visible grey M39 breast eagle but the changeover was never fully completed. The early produced M39 eagles were on a dark green base while later production models were on a field-grey base. The M39 eagle was intended for wear on the combat field blouse. This example is the final pattern, machine woven breast eagle produced during the Third Reich period.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Machine woven breast eagle with out-stretched wings in bright, silver/aluminum flat-wire threads on an inverted, woven, green rayon, triangular base. The insignia is in overall excellent, un-issued, condition and still has its original green rayon factory roll edging. Scarce NCO/Officer’s M44 breast eagle.

GRADE ****3/4                             PRICE $150.00

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