BACKGROUND: The wear of Awards, Medal Bars and Ribbon Bars were addressed in regulations of April 28TH 1937 and followed established directives that had been previously laid down. When an award was instituted the introductory orders would prescribe the proper form of wear with most of the awards being permitted to be grouped together on a medal or ribbon bar. The medal bars were intended for wear on the walking-out dress and formal uniforms, while the ribbon bars were intended for all other forms of dress. Strict regulations listed the required order in which ribbons awards were authorized to be worn on the ribbon bar. German nationals that were eligible for Foreign awards were required to obtain the express approval of Hitler through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The only exception to the above was that Foreign war decorations did not require Hitlerís approval for bestowal to German nationals. As a result of the abdication of Romaniaís King Carol II in early September 1940, and the occupation by German troops in October, Romania joined the Tripartite Pact in late November 1940. Prior to this the Russians had annexed two Romanian provinces much to their displeasure. Therefore the Rumanians were glad to assist the Germans in the invasion of Russia in 1941, and instituted the Crusade against Communism medal on April 1ST 1942, to commemorate their participation in the campaign.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The ribbon bar is roughly 3/4" tall and 1" wide with a Romanian Crusade Against Communism medal ribbon mounted on a magnetic sheet metal base plate. The horizontally ribbed ribbon features a red base field with fine vertical silver stripes near each outside edge and central horizontally laid, vertically alternating stripes in the Romanian national colors of blue, yellow and red. The reverse of the base plate has a protective wool backing stitched in place and the horizontal pin back device is intact. The ribbon is in overall very good, clean, condition.

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