H001880 OBSERVER'S SF.14z "RABBIT EAR" FIELD GLASSES & TRIPOD. (Scherenfernrohr) 

The observers "rabbit ear", field glasses were primarily utilized by artillery battery commanders and forward observer personnel. Large, heavy, tooled steel, brass, and aluminum construction field glasses. Both sheet metal eye sockets have diamond grooved focus adjustment dials which still function. Optics are still fairly clear with some minor spotting in the right lense. Bottom panel of right lense well marked with impressed designation, "S.F.14.Z.G.", indicating Scherenfernrohr 14 Ziel Gitter, (Stereo telescope 14 power magnification with aiming grid), serial number, "6534", manufacturers code, "bmk", indicating manufacture by Srb & Stys Fabrik praziser Messinstrumente Prag, "+" lubricant code, signifying vacuum grease lubricant 1442 which was effective to temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, and "H/6400" the army’s optical contract number. They have been overpainted in a dark green, most probably from post WW2 Norwegian usage. One small tightening nut has broken off, but is included. Complete with tripod. Tripod is not the correct type, or original to the optics. But they still function OK for display purposes and look to be period.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $850.00

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