Archiebald Whamond (19th Light Horse)

Archiebald, my great grandfather.

In 1914, being to young... lied about his age & joined a Scottish Artillery Regiment. He was never afraid to talk about his experiences during the Great War, in fact he wrote them all down in a small book. As I get a chance to, over the next year or so.. I will begin the publish them here. (In his own words).

In 1929, Archiebald & his family Immigrated to Alberta Canada from Scotland and started a farm (Including his son Archie, who is also on this page)

When war broke out again in 1939, this time he was too old... so lied about his age again so he could get in. I believe it was first the Alberta 19th Light Horse that he joined up with, but I think he also served in other units as well. I will add more info here as i get it researched.

As a kid, I can still remember his brown WW1 service belt hanging beside the picture frame of him in his WW1 uniform.

Archiebald passed away in the early 1980's. May he rest in peace.