Lloyd Harrison (RCAF) Communications

My uncle Lloyd... another great man.

Lloyd served as a communications specialist with the RCAF, being attached to the Canadian Army. He never opened up too much about his experiences except for on a couple of occasions.

In Dec of 1944 while working on a communications project at an airfield in Belgium, he was unfortunate enough to be present during one of the few times the Luftwaffe managed to pull off a successful airfield interdiction strike. (air superiority had been pretty much established by the Allies at that time). His main memory of that day were rows of burning Hurricane fighters on the airstrip. His other memory from around the same time was getting to see an Me262 (Jet) in flight. All he said to me was "Jesus Peter, you should have seen that thing go!".

Lloyd was actually the one who got me started collecting. I was maybe 9 years old when Lloyd gave me the first pieces for my collection... all of which he brought back in 1945. There was a single K-98 ammo pouch, a pair of Heer NCO slip on should straps, Luftwaffe breast eagle & a 25 Year Faithful Service Medal. Unfortunately, when I turned 16.. I sold off my first Militaria collection so I could buy a 1966 Chevy Belaire. Impressing girls was more important than Militaria collectibles at that point in my life. Its too bad really, I wish I still had those pieces.

Lloyd spent the latter part if his years dedicated to the Royal Canadian Legion.

Llody passed away peacefully May 9 2012